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Acquiring or selling a property or land in another country involves a lot of paperwork that sometimes can be difficult to cope with not only for Spanish nationals but also for foreigners. Even though the government is encouraging foreign investment on property, the documentation and the process that must be followed is still difficult to navigate for those individuals who do not have a proper knowledge of the Spanish Real Estate Law. In our Law Firm, our staff counts with experienced bilingual attorneys who will do their best to assess your legal requirement and represent you on this matter before the corresponding Spanish authorities if you need so.

Before signing a purchase-sale agreement or paying any amount of money for a property or land, you should count with the help and guidance of an attorney who protects your interests and cares about you. We want to help you avoiding any difficulty or fraud when investing your money in our country, such as unregistered properties, properties sold to more than one person or buyer or houses which are delivered with defects or with missing licenses for its habitability.

Our law firm services

Because we focus on our clients, we can provide you with different services specially designed for your needs.

  • Run and check the status of the property in the Land Registry
  • Request a “Nota Simple”
  • Check if all licenses are in order and in compliance with the Law
  • Negotiate the purchase on your behalf
  • Assess you with the mortgage
  • Draft a pre-agrement or “Contrato de Arras” in Spanish
  • Draft or revise the purchase and sale agreement

We can save you time, money and frequent travels to our country, for each document and paper must be issued at the particular time and following a specific order.

Also if you are interested in acquiring a property that it is still under construction, we can help you checking the name and CIF of the company, the construction permits and other relevant information to avoid future problems.

We can issue, request or fulfill any of the above mentioned documents or registrations. By means of a Power of Attorney, we can represent you and act on your behalf before any Spanish authorities. You must remember that these authorities speak only Spanish, thus making of big relevance and extremely convenient to count with a Spanish solicitor, who also can communicate with you in English so that you are in full knowledge of every given step along the way through the acquisition of the property.

Remember that if you wish to acquire a property, you shall get a NIE number first for it will be requested to you to sign and fulfill different administrative task to become the future owner of a property. Our Law Firm can help you in this regard as well. Similarly, if you are interested in the new property visa or golden visa, where it is stated that you will have immediate access to residence permit if you invest on property purchase around 500,000€, we can put you on the right path to apply for such visa.

You must consider as well that buying a property involves different taxes and costs and fees, for each registry and/or professional involved in this proceeding. Therefore, you should keep in mind this when calculating and thinking about acquiring a specific property. The fees for our services are very competitive in relation to other law firms in the market; therefore, we want to invite you to communicate with us and find out all the services that we got just for you in conveyance and other legal matters.

  • Spain is the perfect place to buy right now: real bargains and nice weather. And these attorneys know how to help you solving any problem and acquiring the property.

    by Conor Hagen


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