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If you have been object of a personal injury while in Spain or by a Spanish entity or person, our Law Firm along with our group of bilingual attorneys can help you filing a claim to seek compensation for any injury whether physical or psychological.

Our Spanish attorneys main goal is to provide all the legal support to our clients who wish to get the compensation they lawfully deserve for being victims of an injury. Our staff is completely bilingual and have experience dealing with insurance matters, medical negligence, accidents at work place, and public liability claims, among others.

Depending on the characteristics of the injury, how it happened and the consequences left by the accident, a monetary compensation is settled through an extrajudicial agreement or court judgment. You must consider that the actual date when the injury occurred it is important when filling a claim for the period of limitation or prescription for civil actions to claim damages is of one year. This period may be interrupted if there have been previous claims.

The most common types of personal injury claims are:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work place
  • Public liability cases (tripping and slips accidents, injuries caused by falling objects…)
  • Accidents while on holidays
  • Assault claims
  • Medical negligence
  • Claims over companies

Our attorneys will represent you and defend your interests before insurances companies. We always advice on our clients to seek legal aid before reaching any agreement with insurance companies for they will always tray to reduce or deny the right compensation or the claim at all. Insurance companies, whether acting on their own benefit or on behalf of their own clients, tend to show themselves very strong and through their attorneys may intimidate you so you do not continue with the claim.

Victims are very likely to be naïve in relation to personal injury claims, for they may not know how much they can achieve when filing a claim for all they have gone through.

If you need legal assistance please contact our Law Firm for we will request for free the necessary information to verify that a lawsuit can actually be filled and that you have a real opportunity to win the case in court and receive the maximum compensation for your case.

We will guide you over and will review all the existing evidence to make sure that you file a good case in court. The evidence or documentation that we will need when analyzing a case generally is the following:

  • The exact date of the accident
  • A detailed narrative of the accident
  • The report(s) of the emergency unit
  • Subsequent reports of injuries, disabilities, or permanent defects or injuries caused by the accident, whether physical or emotional if applicable

If you do not count with these documents, we can help you organizing and gathering all the information and elements required to file an effective claim. You shall consider that an accident involves many expenses and lost, such as medical costs, loss of earning or loss of your job for you may not be able to perform your regular activities for a specific period of time or even permanently. Moreover there are other consequences that cannot be measured in monetary terms such as pain and suffering, emotional distress and reduction of your quality life.

Bearing in mind all the above mentioned, you shall take all precautions when filing a claim and you should seek assistance before initiating any proceeding or claim. With just an email, you will be able to know what you can expect. Our attorneys may issue from a professional report on negligence, Certificates of Law to file lawsuits on your behalf thus contact us today.

  • I was on vacations in Spain last year and my son got an allergic reaction for poisoning food at a restaurant. At first, we didn’t file a claim, we just wanted to leave, but later, we decided to file the claim and this Law Firm helped us to win the case.

    by Milica Bogdanov


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