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Spain is an excellent country to invest, spend some time to relax, retire or have a new fresh start or second chance.Our country counts with different types of visas or permits to allow immigrants to come legally to Spain on the base of their profile and purpose when entering Spanish territory. The Spanish immigration law may seem complex for those who don’t know all its extension or application. Our Law Firm counts with highly skilled and experienced attorneys in the field of Spanish Foreign Law, who knows exactly how to guide our clients on the road to a successfully application for a Spanish visa or permit.

The most common types of visas or permits are:

  • Residence and work visa that allows its applicant to live in Spain as well as develop a lucrative or professional activity
  • Wealth visa for those who wish to live but do not intend to carry out any lucrative activity for they count with enough funds to cover their expenses while staying in Spain
  • Student visa which is ideal for those individuals who wish to continue their studies in any of the educational institutions located in the country, learn Spanish or just fulfill their internship
  • Investor visa for those individuals who wish to invest or set up a business in any region of Spain
  • Property visa that is intended for those entrepreneurs or foreign investors who will be granted a Spanish residence permit just by making a significant investment in property, which is of 500,000.00 €.

We understand that as a foreigner you may need help in relation to the process and requirements to successfully get the expected visa. Based on our experience, we have designed a variety of services centered on your needs to guide you throughout the process. Sometimes, applicants do not know exactly which type of visa is the best for their profile and situation; therefore, on a first legal consultation, we may clear your doubts and put you on the right track to apply. On the other hand, some applicants do not know the process or time scales to be granted a visa. You must remember that you shall book an appointment to deliver the corresponding documentation, which normally takes a month, and later you shall await between one or two months to receive the resolution of your case. In the event of refusal, you will have one month to appeal and submit new or missing documentation.

Spanish Authorities make great emphasis on the compliance of the requirements. If you miss a document or skip a signature, stamp or legalization, immigration authorities are entitled to deny or refuse the application. Therefore, before submitting any documentation, we recommend you to hire our services and let them be reviewed by one of our immigration attorneys, who knows what authorities will be looking at when receiving and analyzing your application. In the event that you are missing a document or other detail, we will tell you how to sort it out and add it to the documentation to be submitted. Remember that a good file can make the difference between a successful appeal and a complete refusal later on.

Finally, if you are granted the visa, eventually you will also need a NIE number and our attorneys will be able to help you in this regard as well. In the event that you need to renew or change your current type of visa, we can guide you over the steps or represent you too. As you can see, we have a wide range of legal solutions thought for you, write us and learn about them.

  • I had the residence, and I wanted to bring my parents to live with me. Many lawyers told me that this was not possible, but this Law Firm helped me and together we found an alternative. Thank you!

    by Emma Rozman


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