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Family Lawyers in Spain

If you are considering filing for a divorce or if you are facing any family issues like financial arrangements, domestic violence or child abduction in or outside Spain, our firm is ready to help you get through this difficult moment. We have wide experience working and solving national and international cases related to family law.

We know that most of the cases related to family law can be long, hard, stressful and even painful for you and your family, thus getting the appropriate legal advice can make a difference in the entire process. You need a professional who cares about you, who is sensitive to your needs that will do his/her best to protect your interests, and assess the situation according to the law.

Family Law is really complex and there are different matters that are governed by it. Our firm will be ready to help you on the following matters:

  • Filling a divorce

  • Under Spanish Civil Code a divorce petition can be issued at request of one or both spouses. This proceeding might be issued in or out of court. You might be able to reach a divorce by mutual consent including separation and divorce settlements providing a clean division of property or assets on divorce. However, in must of the cases negotiating a financial settlement in divorce is a skilled and complex task.

    When there are children, especially minors, involved in the divorce, the process requires further proceedings and settlements, such as spouse and child maintenance, child disputes (guardianship or tutelage of family members and its effects).

    Prenuptial agreements are as well a key element to be consider prior to marriage and during the divorce proceeding. On this matter you should seek legal advice too.

  • Child disputes

  • When coming to child disputes, it is always advisable for parents to reach an agreement in relation thereof between themselves. Child disputes can be long and painful for all the parties involved. If such agreement can not be reached, then counting with a good lawyer is extremely important. Our attorneys will be ready to help you regarding child custody and visits or contact, child abduction, kidnap, Hague Convention cases.*

    *Spain signed the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction, which explains the actions carried out to return a child who has been “internationally abducted” by a parent or family member from one member state to another, that is to say a child who has been illegally taken away from his or her home.

    Our attorneys are ready to assist our clients with contact or maintenance issues that may arise months or years after the divorce proceeding has ended.

  • Estate planning

  • Getting a Spanish will or testament is highly recommended if you have a property in Spain. The importance of a testament lays in the fair or wanted distribution of your assets once you have passed away. We understand how unpleasant to think on this matter could be, but if you passed away without leaving a valid will, your assets will be distributed in accordance to the Law of Estate Succession and the general rules will be applied.

  • Cohabitation cases

  • If you decide not to marry your partner, you should settle a cohabitation agreement so that your partner or children will be provided for in case of an unexpected event or that there might be a breakdown of the relationship. Our attorneys will be ready to help you in all the proceedings related to co-habitation including registration of couples or “parejas de hecho” in Spain and the settlement of ownership of shared properties or other assets.

  • Domestic Violence

  • If you are experiencing violence or have been threatened with violence by your partner, it is extremely important that you seek legal advise in order to know and consider all the options available to you and, if applicable, your children.

Our firm will consider all your legal matters with the importance and professionalism that you deserve. Contact us for more information about our services.

  • I had a difficult divorce and despite the separation, I was not going to give up to visit and have legal rights over my son. They helped to get joint custody. Thank you!

    by Mark Hull
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