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Our Law Firm has wide experience providing legal assistance to national and international corporate costumers. We provide legal guidance related to start your own business in Spain; set upa Limited Liability Company or Company; create a legal entity to establish subsidiaries of their parent companies; open offshore bank accounts; seek heritage protection; and tax planning among others.

Our Law Firm is aimed to contribute in your business. We offer our clients a wide range of legal solutions. Our group of attorneys is willing to give you a personalized service based on trust and integrity. They will present you the best possible solution to your requirement in a short period of time. We will be ready to help you on the following matters:

  • Set up your own business

    In Spain, companies have legal formand they can acquire rights and assets and assume liability. The most common forms are the following:

    • Limited Liability Company (Sociedad Limitada, S.L.)

      One of the most common forms is a Limited Liability Company (S.L) which is a commercial entitywhere the capital is divided into social shares of different or equal value to the partners. The most important feature is that the liability of the members is limited only to the capital contributed by each one of them.This legal form is highly recommended for companies “offshore” which can be managed internationally. It is easy to transfer; just requires one director and one shareholder (both need a Spanish fiscal identity number); and it takes two weeks to be incorporated.

    • Public Limited Company (Sociedades Anónimas, S.A.)

      Another very popular form in our country is a Public Limited Company which is a commercial entity where shareholder liability is generally limited to the amounts contributed to the company’s capital.Such capital is represented by shares that qualify as negotiable securities, which may be listed on the stock exchanges. This legal form may take more time to be incorporated for its minimum capital is around 60.000€.

    • Shelf Company

      A shelf company will save you time for you don’thave to go through all the steps for creating a new one.All you need to do is change its ownership. We can help you by checking that it is debt free and that its certificate of inactivity is done as a guarantee of a problem-free company.

    We will help you to apply for the CIF; to complete the registration of the company’s name and the Corporate Registry; deposit the corresponding capital into a bank account; and to write the Constitution Deed, among others.

  • Debt Recovery

    If you or your company is owned money, and conversations out of court have failed, you should seek advice from an attorney. Our team has experience dealing with debtors; they will put their skills and effort to guarantee that you recover the money that is rightfully yours. An attorney could issue letters, County Court claims, statutory demands, and bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings.

  • Enforcement of Judgments

    The obtaining of a County Court judgment will not necessarily prompt the debtor into making the payment, and in the majority of cases a default judgment will have to be enforced. There are various methods of enforcing judgments:

    • Instruction of County Court Bailiff
    • Instruction of High Court Enforcement Officer
    • Charging Order applications
    • Attachment of Earnings applications
    • Insolvency procedures

You must remember that in the majority of the enforcement processes all the fees and costs are recoverable from the debtor and are added to the balance of the judgment debt.

Good knowledge of the market and the industry can make the difference between success and failure when starting a business or making major decisions related to it. Our attorneys understand the how laws may affect your business in Spain or abroad, thus contributing to the successful conclusion of your cases. If you wish to be assessed by our legal staff, please contact us.

  • I wanted to open a business in Spain but I didn’t understand properly the legislation, thus I definitely needed some guidance. The attorneys have been really helpful and they have represented me and done all the paperwork for me.

    by Elias Gruber
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